Love thinking about the future? Write for us! Image created by Diana Mutascu. See her site at

Image created by Diana Mutascu. See her site at





Love Technology?

Interested in contributing an article to Impact Hound or writing on a more regular basis? Join us! We are interested in having more technology writers join our team. If you are interested in writing for Impact Hound, please send us an article of 800 to 1500 words on a technology under development or recently launched which you believe would have a major impact on the world. Don’t know where to begin? Take a look at some of our articles for a sense of what we’re looking for,

Space: Skybox Imaging

Space: Mars Sample Return

Space: Mechanical Launch Vehicle by HyperV

Please note that we DO NOT accept original ideas from your brain unless you have already published your research in a professional journal, patented your invention, formed a company that is developing or manufacturing your technology, etc. In other words, please do not send us articles on topics which have not yet been actively investigated or worked on. Lastly, please do include all references outside of your own knowledge used in your research for the article. Go ahead and send your short article to us through our Contact form with the subject “Writing Sample”. If you hate filling out contact forms, go ahead and send an email with NO attachments and plain text to

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