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Mistbox – A Smart Cooling System for Air Conditioners

Mistbox ( announced today the official retail launch of its smart misting system for improving the efficiency of residential air conditioners and will also begin shipping out units to its Kickstarter backers. Powered by solar energy, Mistbox is an IoT technology that’s compatible with any residential air conditioning unit. It comes complete with built-in sensors to automate the cooling process, Wi-Fi integration to track savings and power consumption, and a mobile app for managing and analyzing power consumption in real-time.

Mistbox commercializes evaporative cooling technology for residential application and sprays a fine mist to cool outside air as it enters the AC unit, enabling it to cool the home more effectively while reducing energy consumption. The computer inside of Mistbox can automatically sense ideal operating conditions to cycle mist at the appropriate times. Offering the easiest way for people to minimize their carbon footprint and their energy bill, Mistbox monitors its own performance for optimal efficiency. The self-contained system comes fully assembled and can be set up in less than five minutes — owners simply have to attach Mistbox to their AC units and the tubing to a water source.

“Sustainability and practicality were the biggest drivers behind the development of Mistbox,” said Josh Teekell, CEO and co-founder of Mistbox. “During our Kickstarter campaign, we received a lot of valuable feedback from our backers, which ultimately helped us to better refine the product and its design. We’re excited to begin shipping Mistbox units to our Kickstarter backers today and hope to help people save money and reduce their carbon footprint at the same time.”

The Mistbox Control Unit

The Mistbox Control Unit

Mistbox is an innovator in at-home green technologies and the product qualifies for a 30% Federal Green Tax Credit. Surpassing its $50,000 Kickstarter goal on the first day, Mistbox is available for purchase today for just $449, a cost many owners will recoup in just one season. In addition to helping people save up to 30% or more in AC-related energy costs, Mistbox features a water filtration system that guards against corrosion and can help extend the life of the AC unit.

“Evaporative cooling is an idea that’s been used in the commercial space for decades. After realizing that pre-cooling units were absent from the residential space, we were inspired to create an easy-to-use product designed and built with the homeowner in mind,” said Bill Nachefski CTO of Mistbox.

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