Impact Hound

Impact Hound sniffs out technologies that can have major impact in the next two decades.

What is Impact Hound?

Impact Hound is an online blog with the purpose to sniff out startups and nonprofits with an impact in the next two decades or less. Each article reveals a company as well as its products or services. Our articles are also periodically updated as more information is disclosed. We focus on space, renewable energy, sustainability, and crowdfunding but are open to topics in any field that may significantly impact our world. If you feel like you can contribute an article, please consider joining us.

Who is the editor?

Our editor is Shen Ge, an aerospace engineer, researcher, and writer. He used to currently write articles for the nonprofit AIAA Houston Horizons newsletter and later the blog for Sunmetrix. Currently, he writes the blog of the solar startup Simplify Solar. Follow him on Twitter @shenge86

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